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Please bring this Development Services Committee Agenda to the Council meeting on May 17, 2022.


We begin today by acknowledging the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples and their commitment to stewardship of the land. We acknowledge the communities in circle. The North, West, South and Eastern directions, and Haudenosaunee, Huron-Wendat, Anishnabeg, Seneca, Chippewa, and the current treaty holders Mississaugas of the Credit peoples. We share the responsibility with the caretakers of this land to ensure the dish is never empty and to restore relationships that are based on peace, friendship, and trust. We are committed to reconciliation, partnership and enhanced understanding.

    1. That the minutes of the Special Development Services Committee Meeting held on April 20, 2022, be confirmed.
    1. That the minutes of the Development Services Committee Meeting held on April 25, 2022, be confirmed.

L. Yip, ext. 3363

Note: Adam Mattinson, Consultant, Hemson Consulting will be in attendance to deliver a presentation.

    1. That the presentation entitled " Markham Park Acquisition Strategy - Rate Scenarios", by Hemson Consulting Inc., be received.

Note: Please refer to item #9.3 for report.

    1. That the communications submitted by the following individuals providing comments regarding the above subject matter be received:
      • Tino Paradiso
      • Melody Lo
      • Natalie Kostiuk
      • Joe & Renata Dinorcia
      • Joe & Nadine Garritano
      • Maneet Singh Gadhok
      • Satvinder Singh Gadhok
      • Aseem Thukral
      • Nadeem Qureshi
      • Zhaochen Wang
      • Balasingam Gopikrishna & Ambiha Nithiananthan
      • Zheng Chen
      • Carmelo & Iolanda Vigliatore
      • Quan Zhuang
      • Janet Mccalla
      • Xiao-Wei Ye & Alan Lam
      • Tom Joseph
      • Nagi Barsoum & Askander Mervat
      • Mr. & Mrs. Minhas
    1. That the minutes of the March 17, 2022 Cycling and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meetings be received for information purposes.
    1. That the minutes of the April 13, 2022 Heritage Markham Committee meetings be received for information purposes.
    1. That the minutes of the January 31 and March 28, 2022 Theatre Board meetings be received for information purposes.
    1. That the minutes of the Development Services Public meeting held on April 19, 2022, be confirmed.

R. Hutcheson, ext. 2080

*Note: Presentation is now attached.

    1. That the report entitled “Recommendation Report, Cultural Heritage Resource Strategy, North District Employment Lands (MiX), Ward 2”, dated May 10, 2022, be received; and,
    2. That the study entitled “Cultural Heritage Resource Strategy - City of Markham North District Employment Lands (MiX)” prepared by MacNaughton Hermsen Britton Clarkson Planning Limited (MHBC) in association with George Robb Architect and urbanMetrics be endorsed in principle to guide staff in addressing cultural heritage resources in the North District Employment Lands; and,
    3. That staff be directed to initiate an Official Plan Amendment to address the suggested changes to the Official Plan’s cultural heritage policies related to the MiX area; and further,
    4. That Staff be authorized and directed to do all things necessary to give effect to this resolution.

E. Manning, ext. 2296

    1. That the staff report titled, “Amendment to Heritage Designation By-laws, Multiple Properties, Wards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8”, dated May 10, 2022, be received; and,
    2. That the Heritage Designation By-laws for the following municipal property addresses be amended to correct legal descriptions of property, add property descriptions, and revise Statements of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest to remove extraneous information and add heritage attributes:
      1. 60 Maple Parkway (formerly 4438 Fourteenth Avenue)
      2. 15 Heritage Corners Lane (formerly 9251 Highway 48 North)
      3. 99 Thoroughbred Way (formerly 9804 McCowan Road)
      4. 43 Castleview Crescent (formerly 10077 Woodbine Avenue)
      5. 8 Green Hollow Court (formerly 9516 Ninth Line)
      6. 20 Mackenzie’s Stand Avenue (formerly 8083 Warden Avenue)
      7. 8 Wismer Place (formerly 10391 Woodbine Avenue)
      8. 9899 Markham Road (formerly 9899 Highway 48)
      9. 628 Wilfred Murison Avenue (formerly 9486 McCowan Road)
      10. 7 Bewell Drive (formerly 7447 Ninth Line); and further,
    3. That Staff be authorized and directed to do all things necessary to give effect to this resolution.

M. Leung, ext. 2392

Note: At the April 25, 2022 Development Services Committee meeting this matter was deferred to this meeting.

    1. That the report titled, “RECOMMENDATION REPORT, Glen Rouge Homes (Kennedy) Inc., Application for Zoning By-law Amendment to permit 31 townhouse units accessed by a private driveway at 7647 Kennedy Road (Ward 8), File No. PLAN 20 136196”, be received; and,
    2. That the Zoning By-law Amendment application submitted by Glen Rouge Homes (Kennedy) Inc. be approved and the draft Zoning By-law Amendment, attached hereto as Appendix ‘A’, be finalized and enacted without further notice; and,
    3. That in accordance with the provisions of subsections 45 (1.4) of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, as amended, the Owner shall through this Resolution, be permitted to apply to the Committee of Adjustment for a variance from the provisions of the accompanying Zoning By-law, before the second anniversary of the day on which the By-law was approved by Council; and,
    4. That Council assign servicing allocation for a maximum of 31 residential units; and,
    5. That the City reserves the right to revoke or reallocate the servicing allocation should the development not proceed in a timely manner; and,
    6. That York Region be advised that servicing allocation for 31 residential units has been granted; and further,
    7. That Staff be authorized and directed to do all things necessary to give effect to this resolution.


Note: Notice of Motion was provided at the April 25, 2022 Development Services Committee meeting. 

Whereas in September 2023, students are anticipated to start enrolling at York University’s new Markham Campus; and,

Whereas York University Markham Campus will have a student body of 4,200 within four years; and,

Whereas a significant portion of York University Markham students are expected to rent in Markham near the campus; and,

Whereas York University has commissioned a student housing study but has not shared this with the City; and,

Whereas York University understands that student housing near Markham Campus including rooming houses and condos could become problematic, and is currently in the early stages of working with the private sector to develop a purpose-built student residence; and,

Whereas Remington is exploring the possibility of building a purpose-built student residence building independently of the York University process; and,

Whereas the City of Markham has no information at its disposal to indicate whether efforts noted above will meet student housing needs for the new York University Markham Campus; and,

Whereas it is a common problem for municipalities across the county in which post-secondary institutions are located that they face major issues with illegal student accommodation around the school; and,

Whereas illegal rooming houses have been discovered in Scarborough near the University of Toronto Scarborough and Centennial College Morningside Campuses, where students have been living in unsafe conditions with as many as 11 in separate rooms under the same roof and paying individual rent, thus violating zoning regulations; and,

Whereas the City of Toronto has recently put forward A New Regulatory Framework for Multi-tenant Houses to amend zoning and licensing-bylaws that have allowed for unlicensed operations and unsafe living conditions for tenants; and,

Whereas the City of Oshawa solved their problem of illegal and unsafe rooming houses and bad student behaviour near Ontario Tech University (formerly UOIT) by requiring a licence to rent most properties and by offering incentives for developers to build purpose-built student accommodation; and,

Whereas on January 24th, Oshawa Council directed staff to undertake a consultation regarding a potential city-wide expansion to its Residential Rental Housing Licensing program and they are currently in the process of such consultation; and,

Whereas the City of Hamilton has recently launched its two-year Rental Housing Licensing pilot program mandating property owners in certain parts of the city to apply for a rental licence for every rental property with four or fewer dwelling units as a response to illegal dwelling and secondary suite units, absentee landlords, poor property standards and inadequate yard maintenance; and,

Whereas poor maintenance of rental properties is already a common problem in Markham; and,

Whereas illegal and unsafe rooming houses accommodating students and others are known to already exist in Markham; and,

Whereas the experiences of GTHA municipalities which are home to postsecondary institutions clearly demonstrate the importance of proactive planning in anticipation of the new York University Markham Campus; and,

Whereas without foresight and proper planning, the City of Markham will likely experience the same issues as other GTHA municipalities; therefore,


  1. Markham Council direct City staff to study the potential implications of student housing around York University Markham Campus and elsewhere in the city, and report back via the Unionville Subcommittee on viable solutions to address these anticipated issues.
  • As per Section 2 of the Council Procedural By-Law, "New/Other Business would generally apply to an item that is to be added to the Agenda due to an urgent statutory time requirement, or an emergency, or time sensitivity".